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Helping B2B Companies Increase Revenue,
Acquire the Right Customers, and Spend
Less on Paid Advertising

Let’s Grow Your Revenue

I’ve helped dozens of businesses scale with organic search. Let me help you
scale your customer acquisition through SEO!

An SEO Consultant Who
Focuses on Results,
Not Vanity

From the very beginning, we’ll work together to set KPIs that measure results from your SEO campaign. Not traffic, but metrics that actually grows your revenue and brand.

Who I Help

My client base is primarily made up of B2B SaaS companies, but I do work with a few local businesses. Doesn’t matter if you’re an early-stage startup or an enterprise company, I’ve advised 100s companies across all different types of niches.

Why Work With Me?

My main focus is all on revenue growth. Every tactic I recommend will be based on growing your revenue. I won’t waste your time with just rankings; what we really care about is targeting the tactics that will drive revenue. Traffic doesn’t pay the bills.

How I Can Help

I can help in a few ways, from execution to strategy, but the best way to think of me would be as an in-house addition to your marketing team. My primary goal is to integrate myself into your workflow and find areas for improvement. Whether that’s content systems or optimizing content, I’ll be your all-in-one SEO and content strategist.

SEO Consulting Services

Strategy and Consulting

Throughout the engagement, I'll act as your resource on everything SEO. What you should be focusing on, how to best spend your time, and what you can ignore.

Competitor Research

I identify backlink and content gaps between you and your competitors to help you overtake them. This includes targeting websites that link to your competitors and pinpointing valuable topics your competitors rank for but you don’t.

Link Building

A healthy profile of backlinks to your website directly contributes to building authority for your website. The principle is straightforward: the more quality, relevant links you have pointing to your site, the more authoritative and trustworthy your site appears, which will usually turn into better search engine rankings.

Technical SEO

The easiest way to improve your SEO results immediately is by eliminating any issues that are preventing search engines from crawling your content. This includes identifying broken links, cannibalizing content, heavy code, non-indexed pages, and other technical issues. The technical audit is a quick win that serves as a foundational, one-time step for your SEO strategy. This sets you up to move onto the actions that really get the wheels turning.

Content Creation

Not every potential customer is the same, and we’ll take this into account when crafting your SEO approach. By identifying key search terms, we’ll create a content roadmap that targets various audience segments: ready-to-buy individuals, those considering your solutions, newcomers to your brand, and existing customers you want to retain.

Content Optimization

We'll find opportunities to improve your existing or new content so it has a higher likelihood of ranking and driving clicks for you.

Case Study

Adding 100,000 in 6 Months Without New Content

156% Increase in Organic Conversions in 2 Months

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Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Consulting

An SEO consultant can be seen as a growth partner to your strategy. Instead of outsourcing my work to junior employees, I will be the one primarily executing and strategizing for your account.

I can pretty much handle the majority of the work an agency can handle, but just know I’m a one-person team. If I’m handling your SEO account, we’ll want to hyperfocus on the tactics that matter, not do everything at once. This meaning sticking to our guns with what works and what doesn’t work.

Right now, I’m currently charging based on a fixed monthly fee. Instead of baiting clients into locked in contracts, I’ll work with my clients for 3-6 months and let them decide how they want to continue. 

I currently have a 100% success rate with clients continuing their strategy. That’s because my results speak for themselves. I’m not a salesperson, I’m just an SEO who knows how to deliver results that actually matter.

I do offer SEO audits for SaaS companies, but it does depend on my availability. Feel free to shoot me a message to see if I can help out with an audit.

My packages are split into two. One package is a consultancy package where I’ll integrate myself into your marketing team and act as a strategist. I’ll guide your team on topics they should be creating, along with creating briefs that help your content rank better. 

The second package is my content package. Mostly for brands looking for additional help with scaling up their content efforts.

Nope, right now it’s just me. I do work with others for my content creation package, but for most consultancy engagements, it’s just me. 

This is actually my favorite part about consulting, I’m the one planning and executing each strategy. With agencies, you’ll find that most hand you off to junior SEOs and have account managers act as your communication partner. 

While more hands on deck might seem better, I can guarantee you that your budget is getting wasted by how many hands are involved. 

With consulting, it’s just me. There’s no hurdles you have to jump through to get an answer, I will be your main contact and the person helping you along with your SEO strategy. 

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