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This newsletter’s name is TBD (feel free to message me with suggestions), but it will contain all the latest trends and tips in the SaaS and SEO space. 

It cover things like ways to re-shift your focus on SEO and how to get more revenue out your current SEO efforts.

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    Taylor Scher

    SEO Consultant

    Who's This Newsletter For?

    While this newsletter will contain SEO advice/trends/news, it’s going to be mostly geared toward B2B and SaaS companies.

    It will also feature marketing-related trends for these companies as well.

    We’re all dealing with information overload, so I’m hoping to help you cut through the noise. 

    What This Newsletter Will Include

    The main goal of this newsletter is to put out more helpful info on:

    • The latest trends in SEO and SaaS Marketing
    • SEO advice that typically falls under the radar
    • SEO content that’s worth reading
    • LinkedIn content that gets buried in a sea of junk
    • SEO news that you should know about
    • Tools to consider in your tech stack and new SEO items that can be helpful for day-to-day activities. Checklists, calculators, widgets, etc.

    The newsletter should be officially rolled out after I move out to Colorado on May 15th.

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