I’m a Consultant Who Helps Websites Build More Traffic, Leads, and Revenue Through SEO

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Don’t let your SEO company waste your money with pointless tasks like optimizing meta descriptions and image alt text. My SEO services are designed to deliver actual results for SaaS websites.

With 3+ years as an SEO consultant, I have helped dozens of clients increase their revenue and leads with conversion-driven SEO. I primarily work with B2B SaaS companies like HR Tech, FinTech, Startups, EdTech, and HealthTech.

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How I Can Help You

SEO Audits

Is your organic traffic failing to make any movements? If so, I can audit your website for SEO to find any issues holding back your site and provide you with SEO tactics and strategies that will turn your website around.

SEO Consultancy

As your SEO consultant, I’ll be your 24/7 resource for SEO. Whether you need SEO suggestions, strategies, tactics, or training/guidance, I’ll be around to help. I’ll also be able to help assist you with tactics like link building, on-page optimizations, and technical SEO.

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Full-Service SEO

If you need a more hands-on role with your site’s SEO, I offer full-service SEO services which includes everything from my consultancy, but now with content creation. This is for teams who need outside support to help scale their content production.

A Proven SEO Expert With a Track Record of Scaling Traffic and Revenue For Websites

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