Tripling Traffic for a Client in the Supply Chain Space

Case Study


This client in the supply chain came to me first with a website that had been dropping in traffic after a site redesign launch. After correcting the migration issues and changing their content strategy, we were able to grow traffic beyond their pre-migration highs.


Increase in Demos


Organic Traffic


Page 1 Rankings

The Problem

The problem mainly came from a site redesign that didn’t factor in SEO. This is way too common with SEO and as a result, their traffic started to nose dive.

With over 3 months of traffic being next to zero, they came to me to help reverse that negative trend.

The redesign came with plenty of issues, but the main one was that all their URL structures changed + had a noindex tag attached to it, so all of their URLs were basically removed from Google’s index. 

All those pages that were previously giving them organic traffic immediately stopped ranking and driving traffic.

The Solution

The early-stage solution was simple.

We had to get all of their indexable URLs re-indexed.

We spent an entire month requesting older URLs to be reindexed since Google still assumed they had a noindex tag attached to them.

Almost immediately, their traffic started to recover. Within a few weeks, their traffic was back to normal.

After we finished getting their indexable URLS re-indexed, we also worked on optimizing their existing content while building out new content with a higher likelihood of driving traffic + leads.

Recovering traffic was a goal, but we also wanted to increase demo requests coming from SEO.

So, we spent time optimizing pages that had a higher likelihood of driving leads. Specifically their solution pages.

The Result

As for results, I was not only able to triple their traffic and grow them past where they used to be, but I’ve also made SEO their primary channel for driving demo requests.

This was all over the course of 3 months.

Not only that but if they stopped working on their SEO, their website traffic and conversions would continue to grow.

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