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SEO Audits Designed to Help Increase Traffic and Leads

Is your organic traffic stagnating or even declining? If so, let’s find out what the cause is. Use the button below to schedule an introductory SEO audit
call with me. If you’re ready for the audit itself, reach out to me at

I basically offer two versions of my audit. One is a video/checklist
that goes over all action items with your website. I usually charge
around $100 per video, but I’m happy to offer these for free.

The second is a full audit presented in PowerPoint format that
looks at your website from top to bottom. Everything SEO and CRO
related will be covered in this audit. I usually charge $1,500
for these. 

What the Audit Call Will Cover

If an audit is right for you

If a full audit is needed

Goals with SEO

Competitors to include in the analysis

Getting access to necessary tools
(Google Search Console)

General first impression insights
about your website

Indexing Problems?
An SEO Audit is Perfect For This

What the Audit Call Help With

Quick win opportunities and low-hanging fruit
SEO tactics and
strategies that would
benefit your website
Issues affecting
how search engines
discover, crawl
rate optimization

Increase Your Revenue and Leads With and SEO Audit

Once the audit is completed, I’ll give you a roadmap explaining each
issue/opportunity and how to approach each one. From there, you can
decide whether you want additional help or want to implement these
suggestions internally.

If this all sounds good to you, feel free to schedule a call with me below or reach out to to schedule your free audit

What's Covered in an SEO Audit

On-Page Audit

This portion of the audit checks whether your site is
clean from an on-page housekeeping perspective. No
duplicate title tags, no broken links, and other minor
items that should be fixed

Content Audit

The content audit will look at all of the content on your
website and put together all the opportunities you have
with existing conten

Technical SEO Audit

The most important thing we need to check for is
whether search engines can properly discover, crawl,
and index content on your website. This portion of the
SEO audit looks to see that there are no issues with how
search engines interact with your website

Competitor Analysis

Depending on your niche, a competitor audit is likely
necessary too. This will look at how your competitors are
performing, what keywords they rank for, and where
they’re getting backlinks from.


Get Started with Your Free SEO Audit Today!

My SEO audits are very detailed and even better, they’re free. Shoot me a message to schedule your first SEO audit or schedule a
time to meet with me.
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