156% increase in organic conversions in 2 months for a data enhancement SaaS

Case Study


This SaaS operating in the data enhancement industry, specializing in NCOA processing, came to me after struggling to see results with their previous provider. 

Despite being well-known in a niche market, the client was struggling to increase organic traffic and visibility. 

They had previously worked with an SEO agency for several months yet saw zero to little results from the engagement.


Increase in Platform Signups


In Organic Traffic


Page 1 Rankings for High-Intent Keywords

The Problem

This client spent months with an SEO team that didn’t know what they were doing. All of their content was low-quality AI-generated spam targeting the same keyword. 

Massive amounts of pages were cannibalizing each other, and each page had no uniqueness.

Every page, including the pricing page, was targeting 1 singular keyword.

The Solution

The solution for this website was obvious.

I performed a full content audit to improve their existing assets:

  • Merge cannibalizing pages
  • Removed low-value pages
  • Updated pages with potential
  • No-indexed pages that didn’t have search potential

After the audit, we spent time optimizing their main service page.

The page that should’ve been ranking for that keyword anyway.

The Result

After the content audit and page update, we saw:

  • 156% increase in conversions
  • 26% increase in organic traffic
  • First page rankings for NCOA processing service and NCOA address validation

This was all over 3 months and didn’t require any new content outside the service page we updated. 

New content isn’t always necessary, and what matters at the end of the day are leads that convert.

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