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Professional Background

Welcome and thanks for checking out my website! I’m Taylor Scher (as you’ve probably gathered), and I’m an independent SEO consultant originally based in Philadelphia, now in Longmont, Colorado. I’ve been working in SEO for about 4+ years now, primarily with B2B SaaS companies.

I’ve mostly worked in SEO agencies, working across a wide range of clients, from local roofers to 9 figure enterprise-level tech companies. It’s quite the portfolio.

But in December 2023, I decided to transition to a full-time consulting role.

It’s been great so far; I get to work when I want, where I want, and with who I want.

I work primarily with early to mid-stage tech and software companies, but I also manage a few local service-based clients as well.

If you feel like you might be a fit, feel free to schedule an intro call with me!

Why Work With Me?


Just kidding. But having worked across dozens of B2B clients, I like to take a more personal approach with each person I work with. Being a resource for them with SEO, and helping them right the ship for their SEO strategy.

I can help you on a strategic level if you need guidance or the tactical level if you need more hands on deck. I only take on a few clients at a time, so this allows me to dedicate 100% of my energy and focus into growing your business. I consider myself to be a mix between a consultant and fractional SEO. Consultant in the sense that I’ll be guiding your team’s strategy, and fractional SEO in the sense that I’ll basically act as an in-house SEO team member.

I can help assist with all areas of your SEO campaign, so technical, on-page, link building, and content strategy. While I’m not an email or social media marketer, I can help advise on those areas too. The execution will primarily be SEO, but I can offer guidance for your other inbound channels.

About Me

I’m originally from Montclair, NJ, but I’ve lived in Asbury Park and Philadelphia, and now currently live in Colorado. 

I moved out here with my girlfriend, who’s studying to be an audiologist

Outside of work, I live a pretty normal life. I like hiking, reading, and playing video games to unwind (feel free to ask me what my favorite games are).

Mission & Vision


While I don’t have a set-in-stone mission, my main mission is to change the perception that all SEOs are snake oil salesmen and help businesses actually see results from SEO. I think SEOs have commonly been given a bad rap by agencies who don’t know what they’re doing and end up wasting their client’s time and money. It’s fairly common for low-quality agencies to overpromise and underdeliver, so my main mission is to help reduce that by showing companies what they can actually achieve through SEO. No fancy sale pitches or decks; my projects are always based around achievable goals for your product, industry, and ICP.


Really, my long-term goal for my consultancy, and one of the main reasons I went independent, was to have a lifestyle that’s built and organized by me. While consultancy does take up a lot of time for me, my end goal is to have more time to spend with my girlfriend, friends, family, and future dog. I want to prioritize quality time with people in my life without letting my work take my focus away. I also care about who I work with too. Most agency employees and freelancers are treated terribly, so my main mission and goal (outside of work-life balance) is to make sure everyone I work with is treated with kindness and respect. Not only that, but to work with clients where we can develop trust for each other. Trust and communication is really what will allow your SEO engagement to succceed.

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