Adding 100,000 in Organic Traffic in 6 Months Without New Content for a MedTech Client

Case Study


This particular client is one of the more well-known tech players in the healthcare space. 

I was brought in as an individual SEO consultant to help get their stagnant traffic growing again.


Increase in Demos


In Additional Traffic


Page 1 Rankings

The Problem

After partnering with a well-known marketing agency to handle their SEO, this company has not seen any results from the SEO side despite publishing new weekly content.

They didn’t realize that their current marketing agency wasn’t doing any SEO and was just pumping out content without any research or optimization. 

Despite 100s of articles being created, only a few ranked without driving actual results. 

Not to mention, their content was all targeting similar keywords, so it led to site-wide cannibalization.

The Solution

After months of not seeing results and their marketing company telling them they needed another 3-6 months, they decided to reach out.

We first started with an audit that looked at the full range of their website. This included a content audit that looked for quick wins, underperforming content, dead content, and keywords with commercial intent.

After the audit was put together, they brought me on to execute it. 

First, we started with attacking their bottom-of-the-funnel keywords, going after terms like:

  • Healthcare Learning Management Software
  • Best Credentialing Software
  • *Well-Known Competitor* Alternatives

After this, we updated, merged, and deleted their old agencies’ content. Then, we moved to update their underperforming content by rewriting it so it was unique from other articles and relevant to the keyword.

Lastly, we went after their quick wins, pages ranking in positions 4-20. These pages only needed a brief update to see significant results.

The Result

Even though we only spent time updating old content, we were able to see some nice results in a 6 month time period:

  • Earned an additional 100,000+ in monthly search traffic
  • 23% increase in demo requests

No new content was needed either; this was accomplished just by leveraging their existing content profile.  

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