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Helping Companies Increase Revenue, Leads, and Traffic Through SEO

Let’s Grow Your Revenue

As an SEO consultant, I specialize in helping Philadelphia businesses grow organically without breaking the bank. My SEO services are designed to help businesses acquire leads at a much lower cost than paying for ads.

If you’re looking to get started with a consultant actually living in Philadelphia, feel free to schedule a 30-minute strategy call to discuss how you can grow your revenue.

How an SEO Consultant Can Help Grow Your Business

An SEO Consultant Who
Focuses on Results,
Not Vanity

Unlike most SEO consultants in the Philadelphia area, my services are designed around revenue, not rankings. Yes rankings help, but what matters is growing revenue. Do rankings pay the bills? 

Whether you want to target businesses or customers in the Philadelphia area or go national, I can help.

An SEO Consultant Who Listens

Most SEO agencies will leave you to deal with account managers who don’t know a single thing they’re talking about. 

That’s not the case with me, I have over 5 years of experience building SEO strategies for businesses in Philadelphia, and I’m ready to help yours as well. 

Communication is key for me. I always prioritize same-day responses, so if you have an SEO-related question, feel free to send it to me, and I’ll respond the same day.

How I Work As a Consultant

One of the many differences you’ll find between my services and other SEO companies is that my strategies are always data-driven and created to work specifically for your business.

I always start my SEO strategy off with audits that review your website from the ground up. This audit looks for all opportunities and issues with your website, including looking for quick wins like high-intent keywords that will drive revenue for your business. 

Most SEO companies will just write pointless content that will never drive any revenue. If you’re a plumber, why are you writing about “how to fix a pipe” and not “Philadelphia Plumber?”

Why Choose Me?

If you check out the other ranking pages for SEO consultants in Philadelphia, you’ll notice that most of them don’t actually live here. Some don’t even live in PA.

I’ve been living in Philadelphia for 5+ years right now and even went to Temple University. I’m a huge 76ers fan, and while I grew up with the Jets, I switched over to the Eagles since they tend to actually do something most years.

I’m currently living right by Center City in the Fairmount/Northern Liberties area. Right by the Divine Lorraine.

So if you want to work with an SEO consultant who actually lives in Philadelphia and works with local businesses, schedule a call with me.

About Me

I’m an SEO consultant actually living in Philadelphia, PA.

I’ve spent 4+ years helping Philadelphia area businesses generate more leads through SEO.  

Unlike other SEO consultants you might come across, I went to college at Temple University and still live here.

How I Can Help You

SEO Audits

If you're not looking for any serious commitments, I provide SEO audits that can help you decide where you should focus your SEO efforts

Full-Service SEO

I don't just offer consulting services, if you need full management of your SEO, I can help. Full service SEO will include everything from consulting but now will include content creation.

SEO Consultancy

As a consultant, I'll be able to refocus your attention on SEO and help ensure you're only focusing on the right tasks. Consulting works best if you already have a content team.

SEO Services Include

Strategy and Consulting

Whether you need execution or guidance, I can play whatever role you need me to. I can help guide your team on the right track when it comes to SEO or if you need actual hands on work, I can help with that as well too.

Competitor Research

Your competitor's in Philadelphia likely are using SEO to drive leads, especially when it's local SEO. Don't let your competitor's steal away easy to target business. When we get started, I'll provide an SEO audit that highlights where your competitors are and how we can overtake them.

Link Building

Link building is still a main pillar of SEO. So again, whether you need guidance on how to build links or if you want someone to do it for you, I can be that person.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the often neglected child of SEO. Yes there's more important things to focus on, like driving leads. But if your pages aren't being indexed, then they won't rank. Full stop.

Content Creation

At it's core, content will be the factor that helps your website rank better. If you're a local Philadelphia business, then we might want to consider location pages. If you're more national, then we'll want to target content that will bring customers to your website. As mentioned previously, my SEO services are built around your customer.

Content Optimization

Content creation is a separate pillar to my services. I do offer content creation, but if you have a team of writers, I can basically integrate myself into that system and help guide them on creating content. I'll basically be an in-house SEO team member. So I'll help set up your content strategy, and optimize your content when everything is finished.

Case Study

Adding 100,000 in 6 Months Without New Content

156% Increase in Organic Conversions in 2 Months

Featured In


Drive the Right Traffic To Your Website with the Help Of An SEO Consultant in Philadelphia

Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO consultant can be seen as a growth partner to your strategy. Instead of outsourcing my work to junior employees, I will be the one primarily executing and strategizing for your account.

I do offer SEO audits for Philadelphia-area businesses, but it does depend on my availability. Feel free to shoot me a message to see if I can help out with an audit.

My packages are split into two. One package is a consultancy package where I’ll integrate myself into your marketing team and act as a strategist. I’ll guide your team on topics they should be creating, along with creating briefs that help your content rank better. 

The second package is my content package. Mostly for brands looking for additional help with scaling up their content efforts.

Nope, right now it’s just me. I do work with others for my content creation package, but for most consultancy engagements, it’s just me. 

This isn’t a frequently asked question, but I feel like I should answer this anyways:

  • The Dandelion
  • Parc
  • Literally all of Reading Terminal Market
  • Terakawa
  • Middle Child Clubhouse

You can check out my pricing page here, but I have 3 different offerings.

An Audit, Consulting, and Full Service SEO. My most common package is my $3,000 one, it’s strictly consulting and works best for companies with existing content teams in place.

Philadelphia has been home to me for a while now, so I just love giving back in any way I can. 

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