If you’re looking to remove a Google Search Console property from your account, I’ll explain how you can do it. It’s very easy, just follow these steps:

Load up Google Search Console

Head over to Google Search Console and log in with the Google account your property is connected to.

Property account in Google Search Console

Select Your Search Console Property

From the list of properties, choose the one you want to remove.

Head Down to Settings on the Left Hand Side

In the left-hand sidebar, click on “Settings.”

Settings tab in Google Search Console

Click Remove Property

Scroll down to the “Property” section and click “Remove Property.”

Remove property from Google Search Console

Confirm You Want to Remove Your Search Console Property

Confirm that you want to move forward with removing your property from Google Search Console.

Read carefully and double-check that you have selected the correct property.

Click “OK” to proceed.

This should remove your property from your account in Google Search Console. After removing the property, you won’t have any more access unless you reverify or someone else adds you in.

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