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The Top 8 Startup SEO Companies to Know

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When you want to get started with SEO, finding an SEO company that understands SEO, your startup’s industry, and aligns with your vision can be challenging.  

Depending on your goals with SEO and your max budget, you ideally want an SEO company with experience in your industry and social proof to back it up. 

While you have plenty of agencies to sort through, I’m hoping to help with your search and help you find an SEO agency/consultant that aligns with your startup’s vision. 

In this article, I compiled a list of the best SEO agencies and consultants to help your startup grow, with a mix of higher-end and affordable options. 

So here are the best startup SEO agencies and consultants to consider.

1. TaylorScherSEO

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As an individual SEO consultant specializing in B2B SaaS and tech startups, I have 4 years of driving results through SEO. 

My services include SEO audits, consulting, and full-service SEO. I work closely with startup teams, almost becoming your in-house team member. 

My main focus is to boost your revenue and generate qualified leads from your target audience, focusing on scaling customer acquisition organically without relying on paid advertising. Feel free to schedule a free discovery call to explore how we can grow your startup quickly.

2. Mike Khorev

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Mike Khorev is an SEO expert with over a decade of experience, specializing in helping startups and businesses in SaaS, technology, and IT. 
His consultancy offers tailored digital marketing strategies, focusing on organic traffic growth, conversion rate optimization, and maximizing ROI. Khorev’s services include SEO strategy, content marketing, and paid marketing, all aimed at driving sales and revenue growth for startups and tech companies.

3. SureOak

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Sure Oak, established in 2009, is an SEO agency dedicated to startups, offering tailored strategies for long-term success in search engines. They focus on meeting consumers where they search through services like SEO audits, content optimization, link building, and local optimization. 
Leveraging data from 2.3 million keywords, Sure Oak’s strategies are designed to increase organic exposure and conversions. Their comprehensive approach includes in-depth website and competitor analysis, technical audits, and targeted backlinking, all aimed at boosting startups’ online presence and search engine rankings.

4. Markitors

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Markitors is an SEO company focused on startups renowned for its effective digital marketing services. 
Recognized as a Best Place To Work multiple times, the company boasts a team of experts dedicated to driving results for startups.  
They have a proven track record of growing client websites from zero to tens of thousands of monthly visits, showcasing their ability to grow a brand online effectively.

5. Panem

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PANEM, originating as a passion project by an experienced SEO specialist and a Business Development expert, has evolved into a rapidly growing company over five years. 

From a small office with just two founders, it has transformed into a large team of SEO professionals, PPC experts, content creators, and marketing gurus. 

Based in Ukraine and Canada, PANEM tailors its services to meet specific business needs while working closely with clients to achieve their goals.

6. Smash Digital

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Established in 2010 by Travis Jamison and a team of SEO experts, Smash

Digital offers specialized SEO services tailored to startups. 

Their customized approach focuses on increasing organic visibility and search engine rankings for each startup. 

Key services include SEO audits, strategic link building, and fully managed SEO, encompassing in-depth website and competitor analysis, technical audits, and white hat backlinking.

7. Boostability

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Boostability, founded in 2009, specializes in white-label SEO services for small to mid-sized businesses and startups. 

They offer a data-driven approach with services like keyword research, content creation, and local optimization. Known for their platform LaunchPad, Boostability is praised for swift project initiation and effective lead generation strategies. 

8. Smartsites

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Founded in 2011 by Michael and Alex Melen, SmartSites is a digital marketing agency offering specialized SEO services across various sectors. 
Smart sites provide a suite of SEO solutions, including analysis, audits, link-building, and copywriting. 

While not startup-specific, their results-oriented approach and custom pricing make them a strong candidate for startups seeking growth.

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