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The Top 11 Fintech SEO Companies to Know

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When you are looking to get started with SEO, finding an SEO company that actually understands SEO, the finance industry, and aligns with your business goals is a challenging task.  

Depending on your company size and budget, you ideally want an SEO company with experience in your industry and solid social proof. 

While finding an SEO company that aligns with everything mentioned above may be hard, I hope to make your search easier with this article.

In this article, I compiled a list of the best SEO agencies and consultants to help your fintech company grow regardless of size. 

So here are the best Fintech SEO agencies and consultants to consider.

1. TaylorScherSEO

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I’m an individual SEO consultant focusing on B2B SaaS, including fintech. 

With over 4 years of consulting experience, I offer a range of SEO services, including audits, consulting, and full-service SEO.

I’m a hands-on consultant, so I’ll be your main resource for everything SEO-related. I’ll practically integrate myself into your workflow as an in-house team member.

My main goal is to help you increase revenue and qualified leads from your target audience. Schedule a free discovery call with me if you want to scale customer acquisition without paying for ads. 

2. NinjaPromo

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Next up, we have NinjaPromo, a digital marketing agency specializing in design, branding, SEO, and website development for Fintech brands. 

They offer various services, from influencer connections to SEO strategies. 

With clients in crypto investing, blockchain technology, and mobile payment companies, Ninja Promo has a strong track record of working with top-tier businesses.

3. SureOak

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Another on our list is Sure Oak. Sure Oak is a well-known fintech SEO agency with 20+ years of experience. 

Sure Oak provides Fintech brands with a complete package for SEO, including content creation, on-page SEO, link building, and technical SEO.

Even though SureOak provides SEO to various industries, their primary client profile is B2B.

Sure Oak also prides themselves on creating custom SEO strategies that match each brand, so it’s not just rinse and repeat across every campaign. 

4. Skale

Skale is one of the more well-known SEO agencies in the Fintech space and SaaS. 

Every campaign focuses on revenue growth rather than growing vanity metrics like traffic and rankings. 

Skale offers a wide range of services, including on-page SEO, content creation, link building, and growth strategy. 

5. Siege Media

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Siege Media is a well-known content marketing agency that focuses on creating content that prioritizes quality over quantity. 

Their approach to SEO differs from most fintech SEO companies; instead of outreach for link building, they focus on creating high-value content that organically attracts links. 

They also take a PR approach to their campaigns, which allows their clients to grow their brand while bringing in new traffic. They have worked with well-known fintech and B2B companies like Embroker and Statrys. 

They focus on creating high-quality SEO content that drives traffic and leads for fintech brands. 

6. MADX Digital

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MADX Digital is a fintech-focused SEO agency that caters to technology, SaaS, and software companies—working with well-known fintech companies like MoonPay and hugg.

They deliver custom SEO strategies that include in-depth keyword research, strategic content marketing, technical SEO, and link building. 

7. Single Grain

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Single Grain is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in growing fintech brands of all sizes with SEO.

They offer customized SEO plans to grow traffic and revenue for fintech brands. 

Their services include technical SEO audits, competitive analysis, content strategy and optimization, link-building campaigns, and local SEO. 

Single Grain focuses on creating strategies that position fintech brands in online searches tailored to the unique strengths and business objectives of each client.

8. Inbound FinTech

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As the name suggests, Inbound FinTech is an SEO agency that only works for Fintech brands.

Located in London, they provide national and international SEO strategies to Fintech brands through their team of experts.

Inbound FinTech offers customized SEO services for their clients, including SEO audience research, content creation, on-page SEO, and strategy.

In addition to SEO, they offer their clients website development, website design, outbound marketing, and email marketing services. 

9. Vested

Vested is a globally recognized marketing and communications consulting firm specializing in fintech. 

With headquarters in New York, San Francisco, London, and Toronto, Vested stands out as a well-known agency in the fintech industry. 

Their unique approach takes a more integrated approach  – paid, earned, shared, and owned – to convey a brand’s message to its target audience effectively. 

While their core expertise is public relations and branding, they also provide services, including content writing, executive communications, brand building, web development, and SEO. 

10. Alloy

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Established in 2012, Alloy specializes in marketing for fintech and tech sectors, taking on a more modern approach. 

They tackle more high-level tactics like competitive differentiation and inbound marketing. They are known for public relations, content creation, and lead generation. 


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CSTMR is a digital marketing agency specializing in financial services and fintech. Their client profile is exclusively fintech and financial services. 

They focus on helping clients grow and optimize their businesses, offering paid media, SEO marketing, and campaign management services. 

CSTMR is ideal for firms needing a mix of short-term and long-term strategies, with custom services for every Fintech company, including startups, mid-sized, and enterprise-level companies. 

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