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Marketing Services Designed to Help Your HR tech Grow

Marketing is a heavy expense for your product, yet you’re seeing very little measurable results coming from it.

That’s why I’m here to help.

I provide marketing services to HR tech SaaS companies designed to grow their brand and fill their pipeline with quality leads.

With four years in the SaaS space, I’ve helped multiple HR tech startups and SaaS companies scale beyond their ceiling with inbound marketing.

If you want to grow your HR SaaS with marketing, schedule a call with me today.

Grow Your HR Tech Company

My main goal for HR tech marketing is growth. When you partner with me, I aim to build your marketing pipeline with relevant leads that convert. I do more than just look at a keyword research tool; I spend time researching your audience, finding information that matters to your marketing strategy:
I’ll find this through my own research and help you optimize your discovery process to find different outlets to compile audience data. Once we have the necessary audience data, I’ll build you a marketing strategy from top to bottom that covers your entire marketing funnel.

Marketing Strategies That Work for HR Tech

I’ve used these exact marketing strategies to grow multiple HR tech companies’ revenue and traffic.

Here are some of the marketing tactics that could work for your HR SaaS.

Marketing Funnel Creation

Before starting any marketing tactic, we’ll need to map out your marketing strategy and plan a full marketing funnel. 

We’ll find topics that align with each stage of the funnel and identify secondary tactics that help move users along the funnel in addition to content.

Once your marketing funnel is built out, we’ll start the execution of the campaign and begin with the tactics below. 

Content That Proves Your Authority and Captures HR Leads

Content will be the main driver behind your HR tech marketing strategy

After creating your marketing roadmap, we’ll start with bottom-of-the-funnel content designed to generate leads for your HR SaaS.

SEO to Capture Non-Branded Traffic

SEO will be the main driver behind your marketing campaign’s success. 

Your content won’t drive as much business value for you if no one can see it.

With my SEO services, I can optimize your content and service pages to outrank your competitors and drive relevant traffic that converts or becomes aware of your brand. 

HR tech SEO is my primary specialty, so I’ll be able to help the most in this field.

I’ll be able to:

  • Fix any technical issues with your website (page speed, crawling, indexing).
  • Build backlinks (digital PR)
  • Optimize content that outranks your competition

Brand Building

The most recession-proof marketing strategy out there is brand building. 

If you have a poor brand image, it’s almost impossible for your marketing to work.

But on the flip side, a positive brand will elevate your marketing and drive inbound leads almost directly.

With content and SEO, we can position your brand so it has the tools necessary to capture awareness for decision-makers interested in your product. 

Social Media Marketing

Both with organic and paid, you need to have a social media marketing strategy that helps build your brand and generates leads.

That doesn’t mean automatically publishing your content posts to your LinkedIn either.

With over ten thousand followers on LinkedIn in less than a year, I can help your brand generate the awareness it needs to stand out from the crowd.  

This will be another inbound channel that drives leads for your HR SaaS at a much lower CAC.

Start Your Next HR Tech Marketing Campaign, Schedule a Call With Me Today

The best time to start your marketing was yesterday; the next best time is today.

Don’t let your competition gain a leg up on you; schedule a call with me today to discuss your HR tech marketing strategy.

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