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SEO Strategies Designed to Increase Sales and Revenue for Fintech Brands

While fintech brands have been experiencing a period of extreme growth over the last several years, brands are
now beginning to feel the squeeze. Declining or stagnant traffic, a slow trickle of leads, minimal results from your
content efforts, and shrinking pipelines are just a few of the struggles that fintech teams are experiencing.

However, an intentional focus on SEO strategies helps you overcome some of these hurdles, boosting
organic traffic, leads, and revenue, and lowering acquisition costs.

All of these position your brand to succeed in an increasingly competitive and tricky market.


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Why Fintech Brands Should Prioritize SEO

Many brands invest large portions of their marketing budgets into paid search, while underestimating the value of
SEO. When you invest in SEO, you can target a wide range of searches coming from your target audience that can
either drive leads or boost awareness for your solution without spending a single dollar on ads.

In other words, if you do SEO right, you can be one of the first brands potential clients see when searching for
fintech solutions, or for pain points that tie in your product as a main solution.

Here’s what you stand to gain.

SEO Lowers Customer Acquisition Costs

SEO can lower your customer acquisition costs by up to 60%. While you need to invest in initial SEO research,
optimization, and content creation upfront, all of your initiatives continue to work for you for free indefinitely.

SEO is a Long Term Growth Channel

One-off sales and marketing initiatives may deliver great immediate results, but those results decline quickly if you
don’t repeatedly execute them. SEO is a strategy that builds upon itself. The more time you put into it, the better it
will work for you in the background.

SEO Builds Trust With Your Audience

A great SEO strategy helps you build recognition with your target audience. From seeing your brand name time and
time again and consuming content that is genuinely helpful to them, people begin to trust you and keep you top-
of-mind when in the market for a fintech solution.

Target Audience Pain Points That Your Fintech Helps With

Often, people are not specifically searching for “fintech solutions.” Instead, they’re searching for more information
on how to overcome the pain points they’re experiencing. SEO helps you get in front of your audience at different
stages of their buyer’s journey.

Whether they’re led to a targeted landing page or a blog post, you’re able to capture their attention at the exact
moment they’re looking for solutions to their problems.

Schedule Your Free Fintech SEO Strategy Call

SEO is a valuable but time-intensive strategy. Whether you’re starting from scratch or wanting to audit and revamp
the strategy you have in place, it’s a good idea to lean on an expert with proven experience.

Let’s grow your brand; schedule your free discovery call with me.

A Custom Fintech SEO Approach That’s Different From the Rest

An increase in your organic traffic won’t necessarily lead to a tangible impact on your business. The key to
translating SEO results to business results for fintech companies is being hyper-focused on the audiences you need
to get in front of and optimizing your content for conversions.

Unlike most SEO companies, I don’t use rankings and traffic as my main KPIs. The only metrics that matter for you
are revenue growth, signups, product demos, and if offered, free trial requests.

Here’s how I do it.

An SEO Approach Backed by Audience Research

When we plan out your initial SEO strategy, we’ll look beyond keyword research tools to learn more about your
actual target audience. We’ll want to see what they’re searching, what they’re hoping to learn, and how your fintech
solutions can help them.

This research will inform every step of your SEO and content strategy.

Customized SEO Services for Fintech

Technical SEO Audits

The easiest way to improve your SEO results immediately is by eliminating any issues that are preventing search
engines from crawling your content. This includes identifying broken links, cannibalizing content, heavy code, non-
indexed pages, and other technical issues.

The technical audit is a quick win that serves as a foundational, one-time step for your SEO strategy. This sets you
up to move onto the actions that really get the wheels turning.

Link Building That Builds Authority and Awareness

You’ll get a thorough and effective link-building strategy that includes traditional tactics like link insertion asks and
guest posting but also a digital PR strategy that involves compiling research that journalists in your niche can

A healthy profile of backlinks to your website directly contributes to building authority for your website. The
principle is straightforward: the more quality, relevant links you have pointing to your site, the more authoritative
and trustworthy your site appears, which will usually turn into better search engine rankings.

The idea of authority is particularly important in industries like finance, which can be categorized under “Your
Money Your Life” (YMYL), where the stakes of providing accurate, trustworthy information are especially high. In
fields like this, link building is not just beneficial; it’s almost a necessity for content to rank effectively.

Content Creation That Captures Your Audience at all Stages of Their Buyers’ Journey

Not every potential customer is the same, and we’ll take this into account when crafting your SEO approach. By
identifying key search terms, we’ll create a content roadmap that targets various audience segments: ready-to-buy
individuals, those considering your solutions, newcomers to your brand, and existing customers you want to retain.

All of this comes together into one in-depth content roadmap that targets your potential audiences from all

This also helps us to identify the most ROI-generating content to create by placing a large focus on ready-to-buy,
bottom-of-funnel audiences that are most likely to convert.

Competitor Analysis to Find Where You’re Currently Positioned

I identify backlink and content gaps between you and your competitors to help you overtake them. This includes
targeting websites that link to your competitors and pinpointing valuable topics your competitors rank for but you

The goal is straightforward: outperform competitors in key areas to boost your market standing and search

About Me

I’m a Philadelphia-based SaaS SEO consultant with 4+ years of experience. My clientele leans heavily towards
fintech, but also have deep industry expertise in HR tech, life sciences, and martech. I’ve consulted tech companies
from startups to enterprises, across a wide range of industries.

Over the years, my SEO strategies have generated thousands of demos, free trials, and signup requests for my
clients, which has translated into hundreds of thousands in organic ARR.

On a personal note, I’m a big 76ers fan, and I love basketball (unfortunately this love doesn’t translate to skills on
the court).

How I Structure My Fintech SEO Services

Initial Discovery Call

Consider this initial call as a chance for us to lay out the big picture of your SEO goals and see if we’re a good fit.

  • Before the call, I’ll take a quick look at your website and take note of any stand-out opportunities for improvement.
  • During the call, we’ll chat about your main goals, identify quick wins, start to lay out a strategy, and talk next steps. 
  • After the call, if we’re a good fit, I’ll jump right into an audit of your website.

SEO Audit

During the audit, I’ll do a deep dive into your website to lay out your SEO strategy. This will look at things like:

  • Conversion rate optimization: I’ll look for opportunities where we can increase the likelihood of a user taking a desired action. Whether it’s a demo option, a sticky CTA, or a more visible contact form, all of this plays a part in making it easier for your website visitors to convert
  • Technical SEO: If you have any priority pages excluded from Google’s index
  • Quick Wins: Any quick wins we can see as soon as we start the engagement. Instead of seeing results in 3-6 months, these quick wins are designed to bring in results as soon as I start working
  • Link Building: Opportunities where you can get relevant backlinks that help boost site-wide authority
  • Competitor Analysis: Find what your competitors are ranking for, what traffic they’re bringing, and where they’re getting links from. This will all inform the next steps of your SEO strategy.

SEO Planning

Using the audit as a foundation, I start to craft a strategic roadmap tailored to your goals. This includes audience
and keyword research, crafting a funnel-specific content plan, and setting specific goals for driving results.

SEO Engagement

During our time working together, typically over a 3-6 month period, I’ll be your resource for everything SEO,
whether that’s big picture strategy, content creation if requested, or even just a quick question about something
you don’t understand. You’ll also have access to a customized dashboard that gives you instant access to the data
you care about most.

You can expect quick responses, monthly or weekly check-ins, and efficient budget use (since you won’t have an
account manager as a middle man to eat up your budget).

Typically, clients see results within 1-3 months of intentional optimizations and content creation.

SEO Services That Help Grow Your Fintech Business

Don’t let a slowdown in the market prevent your business from thriving. My fintech SEO expertise can help you get
in front of the right audiences, outpace your competition, and turn on a steady flow of ready-to-convert leads.

Get Started with Your Free SEO Audit Today!

My SEO audits are very detailed and even better, they’re free. Shoot me a message to schedule your first SEO audit or schedule a
time to meet with me.
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