Recovering Traffic After a Large Traffic Drop for a Chatbot Software

Case Study


This one is an interesting client in the chatbot space. 

They were in the market for an SEO solution and ended up going with a separate provider, not me. 

Even though I wasn’t picked initially, they came back to me after having their traffic tank with their current provider.

It completely fell off a cliff, and they lost 50% of their total organic traffic.
So, I helped set them up with an audit to get them back on track.

The Problem

As it typically goes, the company chose a larger marketing agency since they offered more solutions for what they were looking for. 

Unfortunately for this company, their SEO was handed off to inexperienced team members who completely destroyed their organic traffic.

Organic traffic was down 50% since they started working with that company.

They even lost out on high-value keywords previously driving demos and signups.

Their marketing agency:

  • Negatively changed a lot of well-performing content by removing necessary info or adding unnecessary info
  • They built out other articles that were targeting similar keywords as other pages on their website
  • They added no-index tags to their product pages, which completely wiped out a solid source of conversions for them
  • They wasted budget on TOFU articles that didn’t drive conversions or traffic
  • They were publishing content without an actual strategy in place.

The Solution

After figuring out what the previous provider did to mess their traffic up so badly, I worked with this team on an audit to get their traffic back on track.
This audit identified:

  • Changes by the previous provider that hurt website rankings
  • Fixed broken redirects that the previous provider improperly placed
  • Content in the low-hanging fruit category that we could improve
  • 404 pages that were recently broken backlinks
  • Content that was cannibalizing each other
  • Fixing technical issues that were improperly added by the previous provider, like noindex tags on product pages
  • New content topics that they should be focusing on, like alternatives and category content. The previous provider was almost only creating TOFU content with no conversion intent. 

This audit looked to undo everything their previous provider did while looking to the future to increase traffic and leads.

The Result

Even though traffic dropped by 100%, we recovered 75% with an audit.

We’re close to getting the website back to where it should be. 

Most of the results came from undoing the previous marketing agency’s work, primarily by reverting their old content and removing the noindex tags added to the product pages. 

They still have plenty of work to do, but after fixing the declining website traffic, they brought me on as a consultant to help keep their efforts on track. 

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