$85,000 PPC Budget vs $1,500 SEO Budget: How SEO Brought in the Same Volume of Leads as Their Paid Channels

Case Study


This junk removal company worked with me a few years ago and initially came from another well-known SEO agency in Philadelphia.

I worked with this client at my old agency. 

We were only given a $1,500 budget for SEO while they were spending $80,000+ on paid advertising.

With SEO being a completely organic channel, their customer acquisition cost was almost half of what they were getting from paid advertising.

Not only this, but our organic leads ended up matching what they were getting from paid advertising.


Increase in Organic




Page 1 Rankings

The Problem

This client was facing two issues here.

1. The client was spending an insane amount on paid advertising. It was over $80,000 monthly.

2. The previous agency they came from didn’t necessarily build out any new content. They just copied and pasted each location page they had and switched out the town name. While this is normally not an issue (mostly if you take a programmatic approach), none of their location pages were actually ranking. They put all of this money into building their organic channel and saw zero results from it.

The Solution

The solution to these problems was pretty easy to fix.

We spent the majority of the engagement rewriting and improving their location pages.

Since they were all exact duplicates, we had to recreate their location pages so they would be more unique across each page.

We also kickstarted a link building campaign to help their location pages rank better.

The majority of our focus was strictly on their location pages.

The Result

After all this, we nearly doubled their website traffic and conversions. We also saw the majority of the conversion keywords shoot up to the first page.

But most importantly, our SEO efforts allowed us to match their budget with PPC. Despite spending $80,000+ on PPC, our little $1,500 budget matched the volume of conversions they were getting. 

Their CAC was nearly half of what they were getting with PPC, and now this traffic will continue to compound, whereas with PPC, those leads will stop coming in when they turn off their ad spend. 

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