300% Increase in Traffic YoY for a Digital Marketing Agency

Case Study


This marketing agency specialized in all areas of marketing, from email to social. While they did offer SEO, they weren’t entirely familiar with it, both from an operational standpoint and from their actual website.

They originally contacted me for white-label work but wanted to scale up their website to attract more qualified SQLs and MQLs. 

Their target audience was mainly CMOs in the B2B space. Their brand awareness was decent, so while it looked like traffic was initially great, most of that traffic came from branded searches. 

Once we looked at their non-branded searches, we saw they were a fraction of the total amount. 95% of their traffic was branded. 

So, while helping with some of their client work, I helped build an initial SEO strategy for their website.


Increase in Weekly SQLs


Increase in Organic Traffic


Page 1 Rankings

The Problem

The main problem for this particular website was creating dozens of articles that weren’t aligned with search intent. Their idea of SEO was just pulling a keyword from a keyword research tool and then writing about it, ignoring relevancy and intent.

The site also had a massive cannibalization issue. The articles supposedly about SEO were all targeting the same keyword. 

The frustrating part is that they had a solid content foundation; they just needed more guidance and organization to get on the right track.

They didn’t realize that their current marketing agency wasn’t doing any SEO and was just pumping out content without any research or optimization. 

Despite 100s of articles being created, only a few ranked without driving actual results. 

Not to mention, their content was all targeting similar keywords, so it led to site-wide cannibalization.

The Solution

The solution for this client was mainly to conduct a massive content audit. We found every page we’d consider to be dead and either delete/update/merge it. We also looked at underperforming content and updated it to capture more search impressions.

Then, we finally went after quick wins from content ranking in striking distance positions but just needed a little budget to move higher. 

After the content audit, I helped them build a framework for their content strategy that allowed them to create content that would rank consistently.

Not only this, but I helped shift their focus away from keywords to focusing instead on topics coming from their ideal buyers.

The Result

The main result of this campaign was their traffic increase, which went from 900 in March 2023 to 3000 in March 2024.

They also saw their weekly SQLs increase 4x.

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