Doubling Website Traffic for a B2B E-commerce Website With Just an Audit

Case Study


This B2B e-commerce website came to me for an initial website audit. 

After their website had dropped in traffic for the last few months, they wanted to rope in some outside help to lay the groundwork for their SEO strategy.


Increase in Product Sales


In Additional Traffic


Page 1 Product Rankings

The Problem

Despite creating new blog content, their traffic and sales weren’t growing. Traffic was decreasing MoM.

Despite this heavy spending on SEO, they were starting to give up on it as a channel. 

They weren’t running paid ads, so most of their revenue came from organic. 

Because of the drop, they roped me into their project to give them a brief roadmap/strategy guideline for their SEO.

Most of the problems seem to come from their technical SEO:

  • Category and product pages weren’t being indexed
  • Their canonical strategy wasn’t set up properly
  • Key product pages couldn’t be discovered
  • Pagination didn’t have a self-referencing canonical and instead was pointing to the root version of itself
  • Google was crawling a high volume of parameter URLs
  • Product pages were missing images, descriptions, H1s, internal links, etc. There was practically 0 on-page SEO done for any of their high-priority pages. Even outside of SEO, their product info just wasn’t helpful at all for users

The Solution

The solution identified a few areas of opportunity with their strategy. 

  • Identified product and category pages that could work as a quick win
  • Identified pages that weren’t being indexed in the sitemap
  • Found pages dropping in traffic and laid out a roadmap for getting them back
  • Deleted cannibalizing content across the website
  • Fixed crawling issues with their website
  • Laid out a few roadmaps for new content, mostly going after content topics that would drive product sales. I.e best *product category type* for *product use case*

The Result

From this audit, we were able to add 15,000 new users to the website, all from organic. Revenue growth is now trending up rather than down. 

Surprisingly, most of that growth came from technical SEO, too. They had a few key category pages sitting in discovered, currently not indexed, so once we fixed them, those pages immediately shot up to the first page and started driving traffic. 

That’s kind of the thing to avoid in SEO, just creating without actually having a plan in place. I typically audit every new client that comes on board, but you should stop and audit your website at least once every quarter. 

Or you can reach out to me to get started with an audit.  

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