380 to 1.6K in 6 months With Just An SEO Audit

Case Study


This Business Analytics SaaS was a growing company with a clear vision of its product but no idea how to prioritize SEO.

Their main ICP were C-level executives who wanted a holistic view of their company’s performance.

This included:

  • Operations
  • Costs and spending
  • Personnel Metrics
  • Revenue & Income

They knew they wanted to grow their organic channel but didn’t know where to focus their attention best.

After coming to me for an audit, I helped put together a strategy that allowed them to go from 300 clicks to 1,500+ in only 6 months without any work involved on my side.


Increase in Demos


In Additional Traffic


Page 1 Rankings

The Problem

While having a great product, this team didn’t know how to execute SEO as a strategy.

At the time, they were barely ranking for anything outside of their brand name.

They knew it was a channel key to their growth but needed more guidance to see value from the channel.

That’s where I come in.

They asked if I could help them out with an SEO audit.

At the time, they weren’t in place to hire a full-time SEO consultant, but they wanted an audit to help guide them in the right direction.

The Solution

While I wasn’t involved directly in the execution, I helped lay out a full SEO audit that acted as their roadmap for SEO—focusing on their opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and issues. 

Finding quick wins that we can go after, like:

  • Pages that dropped in traffic
  • Content that wasn’t ranking
  • Low-hanging fruit keywords
  • Dead content that needed to be improved

Along with content, technical, and off-page opportunities.

It was a full, comprehensive look at their website. Where they were currently and where they could be going.

It was a 20-page audit that looked at every aspect of their current SEO and gave action items for them to focus on. 

Even though I wasn’t involved with the direct execution of the work, I still reached out occasionally to answer their questions and make sure they were on track with the audit.

The Result

The results came fast. In 6 months, they were able to:

  • Increase traffic from 380 to 1,600
  • 100+ first-page rankings for high-intent keywords
  • 20+ demo requests per month
  • No paid advertising – all requests were inbound

This was all achieved with just an audit, too—a guideline and roadmap to keep their efforts consistent.

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