30,000 to 47,000 for a Large Industrial Ecom Client

Case Study


A large e-commerce client in the industrial space came to work with me early last year.

They had never spent any time into SEO, so their website was a complete mess when it came to SEO. Mostly with technical SEO. 

They knew they needed to focus on SEO, but they just didn’t know where to start.


Increase in Organic Revenue


In Additional Traffic


Page 1 Rankings

The Problem

Most of their product and category pages were ranking, but their entire technical SEO profile was horribly messed up:

  • 1,000s of misplaced canonical tags
  • 100,000+ non-indexed pages
  • Heavy JavaScript leading to poor rendering
  • Pages missing product info and images

It was truly one of the most messed up sites I’ve ever worked on.

Not even just technical SEO, but their entire schema profile was broken. None of their product schema was validated, so they were missing out entirely on Google Merchant Center.

The Solution

The solution was an easy one. We just had to fix the majority of the technical issues on the site starting with their messed canonical strategy. 

After months of fixing their technical SEO issues, we were able to move on to their product and category pages.

Their product information was getting pulled directly from their supplier so it wasn’t unique content at all. So, we had to do a full overhaul of each page. This meant:

  • Adding product information
  • Product specifications 
  • Product FAQs
  • Images of the product
  • Internal links to related products

We also worked towards getting their product schema validated so they could be accepted into merchant center.

The Result

After all this was said and done, the client added an additional 17,000 users in monthly traffic. This didn’t even involve new content, either. For the most part, this was just fixing technical SEO and updating product/category pages.

This lift in organic also led to an increase in product purchases as well, increasing by 15% YoY.

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