1,000 to 40,000 YoY in Organic For An HR Tech Company

Case Study


This HR tech company is well known for its employee retention and satisfaction software. 

After starting with a new website and struggling to see ROI from their content, this company came to me to create their initial SEO engine and make their content efforts more effective. 


Increase in Demos YoY


In Additional Traffic


Page 1 Rankings

The Problem

This company had an entire content team in place, yet none of their content was ranking or driving any meaningful traffic. 

They started with a new website, starting from scratch with SEO. 

Dozens of articles were being created, but almost the majority of them weren’t receiving any traffic from any of their channels. 

The Solution

The solution was a pretty easy one.

All we had to do was create an initial roadmap to plan the topics with the most value while being less competitive. 

We started with a standard audit to identify all issues, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses across their entire SEO campaign. From this, we planned out all the content we’d ideally want to target, from the bottom of the funnel to the top.

Retention was even covered to ensure their CLV was high.
We were aggressive with our early content efforts, publishing 5-10 articles per month, which slowly started to compound over time. 

We started with bottom-of-the-funnel topics first, like:

  • Employee retention software
  • Best tools to improve employee satisfaction 
  • *competitor alternatives*

Then, moved up the funnel to target more pain point-related topics:

  • How to handle a disgruntled employee
  • How to improve employee satisfaction
  • Why employees are leaving

After BoFu and MoFu topics were covered entirely, we spent time with them to build a massive glossary targeting different HR-related topics.

The Result

While things took time to get going, the website slowly compounded until we hit 40K per month. We started at 1K per month. 

Not only traffic, but we saw demo and free trial requests shoot up by around 394% YoY (247 in 2024 vs. 50 in 2023).

The company started with 200 first-page keyword rankings to almost 2,000 in the span of a year.

It’s relatively common to see these companies with a large content team have all the tools needed to succeed; they just need a little bit more guidance to get the most impact out of their work.

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