100% Increase in Organic Revenue YoY

Case Study


This is a client I’m currently working with in the junk removal/cleanout space.

They had tried doing SEO themselves with no luck. In fact, Google devalued their pages after they posted the same low-value content across their website.

They had almost entirely given up on SEO until they decided to work with me.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in SQLs


Increase in Revenue YoY

The Problem

The main problem this client faced was a lack of focus on their SEO efforts. They knew they needed SEO, but they didn’t know how to make that channel work.

After trying multiple times, they eventually decided to focus on other channels. 

It wasn’t until they contacted me that they wanted to give SEO another try.

At first, they were a little hesitant to implement the strategy I recommended since it didn’t work for them in the past, but after some time, they decided to give it a try.

The Solution

Since they were local-based, we decided to build out location pages to target the different areas they serve.

We had 2 focuses during this project. 

  1. We wanted to attract exact searches from people looking for “junk removal in __.” 
  2. We wanted to attract traffic from people searching for their services in those locations. So these weren’t exact searches; these were searches from people in those locations searching for “house cleanout services” and “hoarder cleanouts.”

The second focus has been their primary driver of traffic and leads. This works so well because Google can identify where a search is coming from and then provide the most relevant result. So, if I lived in Philadelphia and searched for “house cleanouts near me,” we would want their page to show up for that result.

We didn’t optimize for “house cleanouts near me”; we optimized for their specific service in that location, which Google then connected the dots between them.

Google was able to figure out the relevancy of the content and put together that they’re located in X and provide this service within this area.

The Result

This engagement has completely changed the client’s perception of SEO. 

Now that it’s actually working, they’re more receptive to continuing with it, especially since this is a low-CAC channel. 

Within 6 months, we were able to:

  • Increase traffic by 68%
  • Increase SQLs by almost 72%
  • Nearly doubled their monthly revenue YoY

With this campaign, we’ve only completed about 1/10th of the things that are possible with their SEO.

Their results will only grow as we focus on their SEO.

And SEO has been their main channel, too. They haven’t spent a single dollar on paid advertising.

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