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My SEO Audit Checklist + Template

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    Thanks for checking this spreadsheet out! This spreadsheet is basically the process I take whenever I audit a website. 

    I personally never use checklists since most websites have issues for all different types of reasons. 

    I figured it would be helpful to others to put together a checklist that follows a similar process I use when auditing websites.

    Just a heads up, this checklist will be more specific to SaaS sites.75% of the checklist applies to most websites (excluding ecom), but the other 25% is specific to SaaS. 

    This is also an early version of this checklist. I’ll most likely continue to update it as I find new things to add.  

    Here’s a quick video if you’re wondering how the spreadsheet works:

    This checklist is also completely free and ungated. If you want to sign up for the newsletter (soon to come) you’re more than welcome to do so, or if you can buy me a coffee if you’d like to support me. You absolutely are not obligated to do so; more just an option if you choose to do so. 

    If you’d also like to hire me, I am accepting new clients. You can schedule an intro call with me here. Hope you find the spreadsheet helpful!

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